Providing support for medical doctors since 1911.

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Since 1911, we have been supporting medical doctors as a central contact point in organisational affairs. Thanks to its long-term history and excellent contacts with the medical profession, the Ärztezentrale embraces the following specialised departments:

  • Telefonzentrale – 24/7 telephone exchange and extended medical receptionist assistance
  • Druckerei in der City – the swift and individual inner-city printing shop
  • Adressenverlag – the address publisher specialised in the field of medicine
  • Ärztezentrale – the congress organiser

The Ärztezentrale für Ferngesprächsübermittlung was founded in 1911 as a special telephone service for doctors. Since then, a broad scope of services has evolved – ranging from a 24/7 telephone exchange and printing of any kind of printed matters to support in organising national/international conferences and specialised exhibitions. A family enterprise in its fourth generation, the Ärztezentrale today comprises the following firms and services:

  • Medizinische Ausstellungs- und Werbegesellschaft (MAW) International Exhibitions & Advertising – specialised exhibitions in the medical field,
  • Media-Plan – specialised exhibitions in other areas, stand and poster board assembly,
  • Robidruck – printing shop,


Since 1911 – a long history in brief

Dr. Wilfried Rodler established the first private telephone network for physician members in Austria, the Ärztezentrale für Ferngesprächsübermittlung, to be taken over by his daughter Maria Rodler later on. In the 1940s, a “Doctors’ Club” was set up in Vienna’s Palais Ferstl as an information platform for doctors.

Together with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the Ärztezentrale arranged the first medical conferences in the post-war period, including an Austrian doctors convention at the Mozarteum in Salzburg (September 1948) and an exhibition for public health at the Vienna Stock Exchange (March 1949).

In 1945, the Medizinische Informationsdienst (“Medical Information Service”) was initiated, a medical publisher and information platform for doctors, which subsequently was expanded and renamed Medizinische Ausstellungs- und Werbegesellschaft (MAW), continuing to be a specialist in advertising and organising exhibitions for national and international medical conferences.


Telefonzentrale – 24/7 telephone exchange and receptionist assistance

  • Everyday 24-hour reachability
  • Support during and out of surgery hours
  • Competent, experienced and friendly telephonists trained in patient interaction
  • Information service for patients of the member doctors regarding surgery hours and health insurance funds, vacation times and substitutes, etc.
  • Secretarial work for doctors, including appointment making, call protocols, patient-to-physician communication, appointment reminder and call connection service (to administrative offices, public authorities, hospitals, clinics, medical colleagues, ambulance service), bookings, information regarding seminars and conferences, message transmission

Druckerei in der City – the quick and individual inner-city print office

Located in the Schottenhof in the heart of Vienna’s centre, the Druckerei in der City provides competent and accommodating assistance for its customers in the selection, design and individualised printing of the following forms and accessories:

  • Forms for general practitioners, specialists, dentists, veterinarians and other health professionals

Muster der Lagerdrucksorten für Ärzte der Allgemeinmedizin und Fachärzte Muster der Lagerdrucksorten für Ärzte der Allgemeinmedizin und Fachärzte

Muster der Lagerdrucksorten für Fachärzte der Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde und Dentisten Muster der Lagerdrucksorten für Fachärzte der Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde und Dentisten

Muster der Lagerdrucksorten für Tierärzte Muster der Lagerdrucksorten für Tierärzte

Zahnärztliches Karteisystem Zahnärztliches Karteisystem

  • Speciality printing and organisational auxiliaries for conferences, conventions and symposia
  • Private forms, such as business cards, graduation and wedding announcements, invitation cards, letter paper and envelopes, and much more
  • Stationeries: gift bags and wrapping paper, ribbons, greeting cards, notebooks and others
  • Small giftware and decoration articles

Adressenverlag – the address publisher specialized in the field of medicine

The Adressenverlag is proud to work quickly, precisely and also to very tight schedules to perform the following services for its customers:

  • Administration of addresses of medical societies
  • Address selection in the medical and pharmaceutical fields
  • Addresses provided on adhesive labels and envelopes; various formats
  • Mechanical and manual production und finishing
  • Enveloping in all formats, including multiple inserts
  • Labelling
  • Banding
  • Serial letter printing
  • Pre-mailing preparation of bulk mail
  • Address selection (according to professional groups, states and districts)
  • Gluing work
  • Creating presentations
  • Stapling work
  • Repacking work
  • Shipping of advertising material and product samples
  • Announcements of practices being opened, closed down or relocated to medical colleagues

Ärztezentrale – the congress organiser

We support medical associations in organising and executing conferences in Austria. Do not hesitate to contact us for an individual and detailed offer – for overall as well as for partial implementation:

  • Planning: consulting, time schedules, venue booking, room planning, budgetary preparations, social programme
  • Preparatory operations: conference promotion, design and production of conference printed material, applications for continuing education credit points (Austrian Medical Chamber training programme), coordination (congress venue/ AV + IT needs/ catering/ staff, etc.), regular reporting
  • Correspondence with speakers
  • Participant administration: online registration, accounts for participation fee administration, correspondence, payment administration, preparation of conference documents/ confirmations/ name badges/ conference bags, on-site participant care
  • On-site coordination: consultation and control with regard to the conference venue/ catering/ technicians/ staff/ other suppliers
  • Conference finalisation: final participant numbers, statistics, settlement
  • Press and PR activities: contacts with select PR agencies, by request
  • Conference announcements in various medical journals
  • Sponsors and exhibitors: marketing, sales and organisation of exhibitions, as well as sponsor acquisition together with the Medizinische Ausstellungs- und Werbegesellschaft - International Exhibitions and Advertising (MAW),


Historical Sign Historcial sign of the Ärztezentrale